Recon Observation Crews

of the

Knights Of Sylvester



I hope everyone is safe and secure after San Diego. Those in attendance know

the operation was a success ,in spite of a rough start.We would like to thank VMHA, Popasmoke, and VMO 3/HML 367 for their help and understanding.Thanks ,also ,to those chosen few ‘volunteers’ who signed on to make this possible.The plans are to keep the communication lines open and keep everyone informed as to what is happening with the squadron and popasmoke personnel pertaining to the reunions.

Thanks to the requested ‘contributions’ in Calif. ,and to the generous gifts of others,we now have ample funds for a startup program for 2002.In a meeting with VMHA the Knights consensus was to opt for P-cola.We are 99% sure this is where the final vote will be and are moving on this premise.Our start up funds will allow us to present a customized beer stein to those who are considered charter members of the Knights.This will include anyone who contributes the amount requested at sign-up for reunion 2000 within the next 14 months, in order to have them ready in time.The Knights of Sylvester is a unit existing for and by those members of VMO 6 and associates who would like to stay in touch , organize the reunions and general planning of same.We have no agenda other than fellowship,fun and remembrance .No dues are required, nor will they ever be required.Time served qualifies all. We will,however ,depend on the generosity of our members and any associate members ,to cover cost of those items presented at the reunions and cost of hospitality areas reserved for squadron use.No funds will be used for staff,volunteers or others ,for personal gain,expenses at reunion time ,rooms ,meals ,travel,nor any other activity.Some onsite setup expenses may be incurred by those individuals ,within the area ,who is responsible for the set-up.An example would be fuel funds for an individual to visit the motels/hotels for accommodations for the Knights at the best rates and under one hooch.For Reunion 2002,your staff is listed below.We ask that you contribute what you can ,time or funds,in order for the continued success of the squadron reunions . Due to the unforeseen problems on the yahoo site,we have enlisted the expertise of a webmaster to design and post an Internet site of a more friendly nature.Also,we ask that everyone put Big Dave’s mother in their prayers.Due to her illness ,Dave has taken a short leave of absence from his post as com guy.We look forward to his return .We also give a big thanks for all his efforts on the tremendous job of keeping the communications flowing.

Semper Fi …

Red Trivette

1st Rag

(mail all contributions to Swampy)

Coordinator and Treasurer

Jim ‘Swampy ‘LeJune

1437 West California Avenue

Falcon Hights ,MN 55108


First Rag and Curator

Red Trivette

PO Box 1189

Louisa,VA 23093


Spin Doctor/Radar

Dave’Big Dave’ Rabing

1414 Ronald Ave

Modesto calif,95350


Spiritual Advisor

Asst.Sky Pilot

Dan ‘Zorch" Orlich

2403 Walnut St

Portage.IN 46368

Idea Man

Rick Ault

Coconuts and Palm Trees

KC Kowalk

Price Guys

‘Bubba’ Ritorto- East Coast

Dave ‘Bush ‘Bushlow-West Coast

On-Site development

Mike levanduski


Ed Alexander